Persistence of Vision (POV): Jennifer Brazelton

For me, the single distinguishing factor between a person and an artist is their ability to infuse their work with an individual persistence of vision.  People who have tapped into the essence of what makes them, well, them, and who are able to plop that out into something that the rest of us can experience as them rather than as just us.
I occasionally want to share with you persons I’ve come across who have this persistence of vision.  These artists.  Check them out.  Soak them in.  Give them love. BUY THEIR STUFF.
First out of the gate is an artist I have known in two non-adjacent decades.  First, in the 80s, and now in the current–with the time in between spent out of contact.  One thing that has NOT changed between then and now is Jennifer’s art.  The underlying expression of herself.  Skill, subject, medium; sure.  But she possesses that persistence of vision.
Here’s a Q&A with Jennifer Brazelton:
MEG: What does it mean to you to be “creative”?  
JB: Good question. For me being creative is about thinking of things from different perspectives, while tying to be original and imaginative. My creative process is about absorbing and filtering ideas and information. I take bits and pieces of things I like and combine them to make something new.  
MEG: Why do you work with clay?  
JB: Clay is flexible and full of potential.  I love the unknown element, especially the results of kiln firings.  You might think you know what is going to happen, but often it is not what you expected.  This can be both good and bad.  I like the element of chance. 
MEG: Tell us a little about color and texture in your work. 
JB: Color for me expresses emotion.  I try to give a punch of color in everything I do.  I am not exactly subtle when it comes to color. Texture is eye candy for me.  I love the way it creates depth and movement.  Texture can suggest many things simultaneously. Color and texture are vital to my work
MEG: Do you see any similarities between ceramics and photography? 
JB: I think the element of surprise is there in photography. Also Photoshop and filters these days give photography the option of including extreme textures and colors. 
MEG: Do you keep a backlog of ideas anywhere?  How do you keep track of your ideas?  
JB: I usually have 2 or three different ideas in progress.  This allows me to be ADD and bounce around between them.  When I get bored or stuck (usually with making a major decision), I  can shift and move to something else. I have notebooks full of images and sketches, and have a sketchbook in my purse in case I need to sketch or note an idea.  I also take pictures with my iphone and refer to them later. 
MEG: What project are you working on right now?  
JB: I am working on two series right now. The newest on is the Urban Virus Series and I am also working on a Neighborhood Series. These overlap a bit so it might be one series. Who knows?
MEG: Where can someone learn more about you, or see/buy your work? 
JB: Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, and at my website directly. 
MEG: Zombies or Norwegian gods?
JB: Zombies!
MEG: Do you think MEG will EVER be able to beat you at WordsWithFriends?
JB: Of course you will. Don’t give up!
(Note: Jennifer typically beats me by over 100 points!)

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